For the past two semester's my senior film tesm has been working on an opener for the Seattle Children's Film Festival. And we finished!
I worked as a Technical Artist, Animator, and Post Production Artist. I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned during this process and I can't wait to start working on something new! Thanks to all my team members for working so hard to see this come to life!
You can check out our progress at our blog:
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Let's talk about 2D

So, last semester I began to yearn for 2D animation, I feel more comfortable with how I draw things than I did 2 years ago (The last time I touched 2D). This semester I got the chance to try out some 2D in a class at school. After messing with several different programs and styles, I settled on just rough drawings in Flash. I would have liked to spend more time on it, but it's gotten me back into the mindset of using Flash, and I'm looking forward to doing more! As far as story goes, I love owl (they're adorable), and I don't think there is a person alive who has not been caught pretending to rock out to their favorite music, thus NocturnaRock.

Also thanks to my dad for lending me his best of The Who CD when I was a kid, 16 years later and I still haven't returned it.
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Look Around the Corner

A few weeks ago some folks from Microsoft were kind enough to come in to school and give some portfolio reviews. One of the main things the gentleman I spoke to told me was to take time (For a few months after school), to do more work, and to polish the work I had, he said it was clear, but could be cleaned up. The intention was that these folks would come back 2 other times before we graduate and see how we took the critique they gave. After mulling over some of the stuff I was told I came to the conclusion that if I'm billing myself as a Cinematic Animator, I need more cinematic work in my reel. Hopefully if I do as much as I can (2D and 3D), combined with the animation from my senior project, I'll have a reel I think more suits the title of Cinematic Animator. Thus I present the first in this endeavour, Tiny lurking around the corner. I've always wanted to do something with Tiny, but the last project I tried with him pan out, so I'm glad I finally got to do something presentable with him.

And for good measure, I put together the "Stages" the animation went through, from blocking to rendering.
I'll keep posting stuff as I do it, look out for some stuff from my senior project, and some 2D animation soon!