Look at me pout

Every time I see this little pout it makes me laugh,

so I put it up on one monitor, opened Maya in the other and just copied the poses onto norman.



Backflip Sketch

Another sketch with the robot legs rig. Straight ahead, done during a break between classes.


Straight ahead sketches

Over the break and the first few days of the semester I got a chance to do some straight ahead animation. Messing around with rigs, and trying different stuff out. I Don't know what to call them besides "Sketches"

A normal walk cycle, just wanted to focus on the legs & timing.

Same poses as the last one, just changed up the timing to have faster passing poses.

Same poses again, but this time fast contact to down poses.

I found this rig and fell in love with it, I'm definitely going to keep working with him, think I'm gonna give him a mouth when I get the chance.




Guster tries to get his grandson to use the toilet.

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Free Helium

My second semester junior project, I plan to go back in and make some changes this summer, but here's where it's at now.
I had to shrink it down a ton to fit on the blogger page, it can be seen in 720HD on youtube.
I had a lot of fun with this one, can't wait to make the fixes and bring it to the next level.
©Digipen 2010