Slave Kinetic Typography

About every 6 months or so I jump headfirst back into the world with the unfortunate moniker of Motion Graphics (I couldn't call it anything more vague if I tried.) This time it was Kinetic Typography. I head the single Slave by Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Kutt Calhoun and started thinking about it, a week later the album came out and I went into a fury (now committed to actually doing the whole song), and a week after that I'm done!
Here is the UNCENSORED version:

and the CENSORED version:

The album as a whole is fantastic, you can get it here:



Thomas and I animated a short bit from The Magic Flute!


HÖBO tugs at your heart strings

I finally took some time out to mess around with the HÖBO Rig, I found a few weeks ago. It's an insane amount of fun! (Please note HÖBO was in no way harmed in this bit, he's just that good an actor.)

(Hooray 50 posts!)

Here is one more, for good measure



Ollie Rig V3.8

About a month of learning the ins and outs of building a rig, and building a rig to meet the specs of how other people animate, I'm almost done with the OIlie Rig, and I'm finally able to start animating him! This is a demo I recorded to present for our senior project midterm milestone (He also has a jaw control, but I didn't include it in this demo) 

And here is an animation I presented

You can see progress of the whole project at our teams blog http://mothpictures.blogspot.com/


Rigs & Test Animations

I've been working on learning how to rig cleanly, I need to be able to make rigs that other people can pick up and use. The first one is a facial rig for one of the characters in the senior project I'm working on, the second one is a 4 legged rig for the second character (an alien).


Krag Running

So, after 4 days I decided my week of mimes wasn't doing what I hoped it would, it did however confirm my suspicion that vidref is a dangerous road for me and I tend to follow it WAY to closely. I might go back to it later, but for now, here's a dinosaur:



Hacky Sack and Koko

For an Animation Portfolio class this semester I was tasked with, a physical action and a quadruped walk cycle.

I went with Hacky Sack trick called "Drifter"

And used the Koko Rig for the quadruped walk cycle

©Digipen 2011


Free Helium [Remastered]

I got the time to make some changes to my second Junior Project, fixed up the colors, a little bit of the animation, and the rendering/compositing process.



Some "Things"

Last semester I needed a break, that break coincided with George Michael's "Careless Whisper" getting stuck in my head for about 2 weeks. So this happened.

This semester we had a lecture on how to breakdown a whip action and were encouraged to try it with a spine. I took it a little too far.

This is what happens when I'm left to my own devices.


Look at me pout

Every time I see this little pout it makes me laugh,

so I put it up on one monitor, opened Maya in the other and just copied the poses onto norman.



Backflip Sketch

Another sketch with the robot legs rig. Straight ahead, done during a break between classes.


Straight ahead sketches

Over the break and the first few days of the semester I got a chance to do some straight ahead animation. Messing around with rigs, and trying different stuff out. I Don't know what to call them besides "Sketches"

A normal walk cycle, just wanted to focus on the legs & timing.

Same poses as the last one, just changed up the timing to have faster passing poses.

Same poses again, but this time fast contact to down poses.

I found this rig and fell in love with it, I'm definitely going to keep working with him, think I'm gonna give him a mouth when I get the chance.




Guster tries to get his grandson to use the toilet.

©Digipen 2010


Free Helium

My second semester junior project, I plan to go back in and make some changes this summer, but here's where it's at now.
I had to shrink it down a ton to fit on the blogger page, it can be seen in 720HD on youtube.
I had a lot of fun with this one, can't wait to make the fixes and bring it to the next level.
©Digipen 2010


The Voxel Zombie

So, last weekend I had the wonderfull fortune to see a lecture by Bay Raitt. He brought up Voxel Sculpting, and showed some of the work that he had done in a program called 3DCoat. I've never been a huge fan of sculpting, if it doesn't move, I don't have a ton of interest in it, but I was curious about working with voxels and when he said the program had an "Automatic Topology" tool, I got even more curious. SO at the beginnning of the week I downloaded the trail version of 3Dcoat and started modeling a Zombie from a picture that My friend Kyla Oyamot had drawn last year.Here is the finished rough sculpt (First time I've ever sculpted anything in 3D, so bear with me)

Then I took a shot at the Auto
matic Re-topology

I think I did something to mess up the Automatic Unwrap

Then I tried painting it

Here is the "Finished product"

It also has a rendering tool in it

All in all it was actually a lot of fun, I'm liking the prospect of Voxel modeling, and Maybe in the next year or two it will get integrated into a 3D Package like Maya or XSI or 3DSMax!
Big Thanks to Kyla Oyamot for letting me use her awesome zombie dude!
Zombie Character © Kyla Oyamot


The Dude

First animation to dialogue.
Animated in Maya.
©Digipen 2010