2 Assignments done for BIO200.

Ostrich in Perspective.

A HorseFly.
Both were hand drawn, scanned and painted over in Photoshop CS3.
©Digipen 2009


Crate Texture Map

Diffuse, Bump and Specular maps for a crate.
All made in Photoshop.
(I didn't model the crate)
©Digipen 2009



Sketches of frogs, composed in Flash.
Frog in a Box, Drawn and composed in Flash, Box and Window rendered in Maya.
©Digipen 2009


Inkfly Walk Cycle

I made this character to learn to rig on, and after a few failed attempts at skinning I finally succeeded and made a walk cycle. (Although I still think the head bobs too much)
Modeled in 3DSMax & Maya
Rigged and Animated in Maya
(I switched to Maya after getting fed up with 3DSMax)


Semester 3 - 6 Levels of Danger

6 Levels of Danger

"Safe to Feed and Sleep"

"Out of Sight"

"Two Clear Paths"

"One Way Street"

"No Way Out"

"Clear and Present Danger"

Charcoal on Toned Paper.
The last two did not photograph well because the spray fixative gave them a slightly glossy surface.
© Digipen 2009


Semester 3 Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet Midterms for Life Drawing.

Micron Pens and Charcoal on Toned Paper.
© Digipen 2009


Fokker BII

3D Model based upon a German World War 1 plane.
The Fokker BII was an observation plane, designed by Martin Kreutzer in 1916, and it had a top speed of 56 MPH.

986 Polygons (Before and After Smoothing)
Modeled and Animated in 3DS Max.
Compiled in After Effects.
Blue Prints courtesy of:
©Digipen 2009


Streamline Moderne

Final model sheet.Final Animation

Final model sheet was made in Flash.
Modeling and Animation was done in 3DS Max. Textures were made in Photoshop.
Wood Texture from:
©Digipen 2009


Domo arigato. . .

Robot Arm
Modeled and Animated in 3DsMax.
©Digipen 2009


Old Man Tophat's A' Comin'

Hand drawn in pencil, then inked.
©Digipen 2009


More Balls

Bowling Ball on a Diving Board. Made in 3DS Max.
Compiled with image in After Effects.
I'm trying to get used to 3DS Max Particles, it's hard coming from Maya where particles are controlled mostly by MELscript.

Bowling Ball & Spatula. Made in 3DS Max.

Jello Jumping. Made in 3DS Max.

Pool Photo Courtesy of Google Images &
©Digipen 2009


Ball Bounce

Bowling Ball, Modeled & Animated in 3DSMax.

Tennis Ball, Animated in 3DSMax, Texture & Bump Map made in Flash.

These are my first attempts at animation in 3DSMax.
©Digipen 2009



Last upload before summer semester.
Hand Drawn, Traced and Colored in Flash.


Color Still Life

I couldn't decide on a backdrop color.

Traced picture in Flash, slight color manipulation.
Photo courtesy of:


Running Fellow

Hand drawn, then traced and distorted in Flash.
©Digipen 2009


From Drawing to Vector

Drawn from direct observation, under a green filtered light, using Prismacolors.

Drawing traced in flash. Somehow it seems to have lost a certain amount of dimensionality in the process.


Hands & Feet

Cross contour Hands and Feet.
Drawn from observation, arranged in Flash.
©Digipen 2009