The Voxel Zombie

So, last weekend I had the wonderfull fortune to see a lecture by Bay Raitt. He brought up Voxel Sculpting, and showed some of the work that he had done in a program called 3DCoat. I've never been a huge fan of sculpting, if it doesn't move, I don't have a ton of interest in it, but I was curious about working with voxels and when he said the program had an "Automatic Topology" tool, I got even more curious. SO at the beginnning of the week I downloaded the trail version of 3Dcoat and started modeling a Zombie from a picture that My friend Kyla Oyamot had drawn last year.Here is the finished rough sculpt (First time I've ever sculpted anything in 3D, so bear with me)

Then I took a shot at the Auto
matic Re-topology

I think I did something to mess up the Automatic Unwrap

Then I tried painting it

Here is the "Finished product"

It also has a rendering tool in it

All in all it was actually a lot of fun, I'm liking the prospect of Voxel modeling, and Maybe in the next year or two it will get integrated into a 3D Package like Maya or XSI or 3DSMax!
Big Thanks to Kyla Oyamot for letting me use her awesome zombie dude!
Zombie Character © Kyla Oyamot


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haha, that's really cool. I can't wait to try this program :D